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Update on WARD

Official Statement from the W.A.R.D. Board of Directors
Posted by Oceanna at 12:32pm EST

Witches Against Religious Discrimination, Inc. (WARD) has been informed that its former Canadian Director, Tom Forfar, has set up his own organization, but uses the same identifying acronym. Although Forfar does have the legal right to create his own base of operations, he has muddled the distinctions between our respective groups.

Forfar's recent establishment, while using the same name, is not an authentic version of WARD, an organization in existence since 1987. Moreover, his copy offers neither the experience nor the wide range in ability of the orginal WARD. Unfortunately, because WARD does have a Canadian Chapter, and because Forfar resides in Canada, we believe any Canadian Pagans who mistakenly utilize their services will question WARD's efficiency, and so we vigorously protest Forfar's actions.

WARD has already reported the misuse of our html to three different search engines, each of which has removed Forfar for misuse of our material, yet he has managed to reinstate his site. We feel it necessary to continue reporting this misuse and we hopeful Forfar's site will be removed again. In the interim, the public needs to become aware that an individual using WARD's acronym may possibly be publishing deceptive information about his operation. Be sure you contact the genuine article when you investigate WARD resources.

Thank you.
The Board of Directors

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